Good things really do come in threes

When I first met Jessica she introduced me to a kind of superstition that I was not really familiar with — that things come in threes.  Good things, bad things, you name it. If there are two, you can bet a third is around the corner.  And we have certainly had our shares of threes: three engagements of friends, (and the subsequent three weddings of friends), three new babies, three funerals, and three years together before we got married. We find these things keep coming as triplets.

So it should come as no surprise that this past Tuesday, what started as a simple meeting to meet with our pianist evolved into three separate meetings, over the course of three hours, in three places at the Royal Sonesta.

  1. We began with a wine tasting where from six delicious Kosher wines (some of which were even new to me!) we selected 3 to serve at the wedding.
  2. It continued on with a meeting with some of the hotel staff to consider options for room decor.  We selected one option from three that were offered.
  3. Finally, we met with our piano soloist who will be accompanying the Cantor who is co-officiating at our wedding ceremony.  We selected music to fit into three different purposes:
  1. Processional/Recessional music
  2. Ceremony music
  3. Cocktail hour music (from which we picked three different types of music):
  1. Jazzy, uptempo
  2. Slow, background
  3. Show-tunes

After this dizzying afternoon of meetings we were able to check these three items off of our to-do list with the confidence that our extensive planning is going to make our special day one that we’ll never forget!

One last thought: our wedding is on 8/19/2012. If it is written with only the integers (nonzero numbers) and alternating pluses and minuses, 8+1-9+2-1+2 guess what, it equals 3.

Today’s blog post was brought to you by the number 3.


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