Our Engagement

Jessica and Adam met on April 26, 2009.

Fast forward to January 2, 2011.  Adam and Jessica are coming home from a trip to Florida, having spent 9 days visiting Jessica’s parents in Lake Worth and Adam’s parents in Orlando.  After spending so much time together during that vacation, it was hard to get back to work.

It thus came as no surprise to Adam that Jessica started to send him “hints.”  And by hints, this would be Jessica reading wedding magazines in the supermarket checkout aisle and staring at engagement rings in jeweler storefronts.

So one day in March, Adam went to a jeweler and bought Jess a 1-of-a-kind designed ring using a family center stone.

Around this time, Adam had been eager to plan a visit to New York City for Jess and him to visit with friends and family.  The trip was scheduled for the weekend before Passover.  Adam insisted this visit was to visit friends, but Jess suspected that Adam might pop the question at a famous landmark in New York.

The day before the trip, after work,  Adam drove to Jessica’s parents’ in Andover, to drop off Papi, since they would be dogsitting during their trip, until Adam and Jessica came to their house for the second night of Passover.  It was over their kitchen table that Adam formally requested their permission to ask Jessica to marry him, and to request their blessing for an upcoming marriage.  After a long discussion, they gave Adam their blessing.

Usually, when Jessica gets home from work, one of them (or both) take out Papi for one last walk for the night.  With Papi at Jessica’s parents, Adam still asked Jessica to go for a walk with him, because he “wanted to tell her something that happened when he went to her parents’ house.”  So they walked through downtown Natick, with Adam coincidentally tracing the same route they walked Papi for the first time when they adopted him: down Main Street, around and through the Natick Common. And it was there, under the moonlight by a park bench with the yellow glow of an old-fashioned streetlamp, that Adam dropped on bended knee and proposed to Jessica.

And she said yes.

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