Monthly Archives: December 2011

I Feel Pretty

December 14, 2011

No, I am not going to burst out singing the song from West Side Story. I do have exciting news to share with all of you though; I got the hair stylist and the makeup stylist both are coming from Philip Ciampa Salon in Andover, Massachusetts for the wedding. My whole family has been going […]

More pictures!

December 11, 2011

I just uploaded 60 more pictures from our engagement party this past July. They’re great. Head on over to the Photo Gallery page and check them out!

This is a Jewish wedding, after all, Part II

December 9, 2011

Today we revisit a topic last discussed almost 6 months ago, the Bencher. While yesterday’s visit with Andrew was a piece of cake, we talked briefly about the Bencher. Quite appropriately, as well, since Jessica and I have been discussing this among ourselves lately too.  The Bencher is a small book, about the size of […]

Cut the Cake

December 9, 2011

CUT THE CAKE- give me a little piece let me lick up the cream CUT THE CAKE- well, just a little piece baby you know what I mean CUT THE CAKE- give me a little piece a little lovin’ on the side CUT THE CAKE- I need a little piece just to keep me satisfied […]