The Ceremony

The events on the wedding day will be at the Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston, West Tower.  Please be sure to pick up a program when you enter, as the events summarized below will be described in greater detail in the program.

Parking – Self-parking is complementary for guests coming for the wedding.  When you exit the garage later that evening, tell the attendant you were a guest at the Fine-Sowalsky wedding.

Kabbalat Panim – Skyline suites – 4:30 pm

Guest should plan to arrive in time for Kabbalat Panim – literally “Greeting of Faces” – where the bride and groom will individually host Tisches – or tables – to greet their guests.

Adam’s Tisch – Skyline E – 4:30 pm – hosted by David Kieval
Jessica’s Tisch – Skyline A-D – 4:30 pm – co-hosted by Stephanie Fields, Emily Kieval, and Suzanne Chipkin

Tannaim, Ketubah and Bedecken – Skyline suites

Following his Tisch, Adam will be escorted to Jessica in a joyous fashion. Once everyone is together in the same room, Adam’s mother and Jessica’s mother will sign Tannaim, a formal engagement agreement that their children will be married.  The Tannaim will be confirmed by them jointly breaking a China plate. This is followed by the signing of the Ketubah, the Jewish marriage contract, by Adam, Jessica, the Rabbi, the Cantor and two male witnesses.  This will be immediately followed by the Bedecken, the veiling of the Bride, when Adam places a veil over Jessica’s head.

Witness 1 – Brett Corbat
Witness 2 – Michael Baruch

Chuppah – Grand Ballroom B – 5:30 pm

Following the Bedecken, guests will be escorted to the Ballroom for the wedding ceremony by:

Bridal Attendant – Amy Nathanson
Bridal Attendant – Heather Wenarsky

On their way to the Chuppah, the bride and groom will be joined by the entire wedding party in a procession, including:

Groomsman – Aaron Reiser
Groomsman – David Kieval, Adam’s brother-in-law
Groom’s Best Man – Josh Sowalsky, Adam’s brother

Bridesmaid – Elizabeth Fisk
Bride’s Best Man
– Brett Corbat
Matron of Honor – Emily Kieval, Adam’s sister

When Jessica and Adam walk down the aisle, they will each be escorted by their parents

Adam’s parents – Jan Glassman and Joel Sowalsky
Jessica’s parents – Cynthia and Sheldon Fine

The remainder of the wedding ceremony takes place under the Chuppah – the wedding canopy.  The two portions of the service consist of Erusin – betrothal, followed by Nisuin – marriage.  In addition, the Sheva Berachot – 7 blessings – will be recited. Between Erusin, when Adam gives Jessica a ring, and Nissuin, when Jessica gives Adam a ring, the Ketubah signed earlier will by read by Adam’s Uncle, Howard Sowalsky.


The wedding will conclude with Adam smashing a glass with his foot, to shouts of “Mazal Tov!”  Adam and Jessica will have a few private moments to themselves before joining in the remainder of the cocktail hour.

Cocktail Hour – Skyline Pre-assembly and Suites – 6:00 pm

Cocktails, hors d’oevres, and mingling

Reception – Grand Ballroom A&B – 7:00 pm

Dinner and dancing

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