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Three pairs of shoes for the “soul”

Last weekend, my husband Adam and I went shoe shopping for new running sneakers and walking sneakers since I have been having heel pain. The last time I purchased new running and walking shoes were last August. I wear my walking shoes every single day and I put a lot of mileage on the running shoes during marathon training.

Today, we went shoe shopping again and I purchased new gym shoes. I purchased my last pair of gym shoes last August as well. I guess all three pairs of shoes wore out at the same time.

The types of shoes I got:

Running: Brooks Dyad 7′s (Grey)

Walking: Grasshopper Janey Leather (Black)

Gym: New Balance 880′s (Blue)

The reason why I bought new shoes is because I want my feet to be comfortable and not stressed so I can run the marathon for all of the people who are battling cancer in my family, who lost their battle with cancer, and for my patient partner. I do not want to let any of these people down. I love all of them so much.

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