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Boston Marathon 2014 - Jessica Sowalsky's Marathon Blog

Physical Therapy

I started physical therapy yesterday. I will be going to physical therapy twice a week. The heel pain was caused from my leg being totally stiff. I need physical therapy to help me get the knots out of my leg. The physical therapist gave me exercises to do at the gym and told me to heat then ice my leg whenever I am on the couch.

The heel pain has gone away totally just I need to do these stretches so I can become a faster runner and then my gait will be better.

At the gym today, I did the arc trainer and the rower with no pain…which is great news. I will get back to running next week!

Three pairs of shoes for the “soul”

Last weekend, my husband Adam and I went shoe shopping for new running sneakers and walking sneakers since I have been having heel pain. The last time I purchased new running and walking shoes were last August. I wear my walking shoes every single day and I put a lot of mileage on the running shoes during marathon training.

Today, we went shoe shopping again and I purchased new gym shoes. I purchased my last pair of gym shoes last August as well. I guess all three pairs of shoes wore out at the same time.

The types of shoes I got:

Running: Brooks Dyad 7′s (Grey)

Walking: Grasshopper Janey Leather (Black)

Gym: New Balance 880′s (Blue)

The reason why I bought new shoes is because I want my feet to be comfortable and not stressed so I can run the marathon for all of the people who are battling cancer in my family, who lost their battle with cancer, and for my patient partner. I do not want to let any of these people down. I love all of them so much.

2014-02-23 17.01.32

Paint Nite

I am hosting a Paint Nite fundraiser in March. The fundraiser proceeds will go towards cancer research and I will have opportunity drawings for great prizes valued at over $1000 at this event. You can arrive before 7:00 PM to purchase food and drinks since a percentage of these proceeds will go towards the fundraiser.

Purchase your ticket today!

March 22nd at 7:00 PM in Hartford, CT at the Wood N Tap:

This event will have opportunity drawings for:

Lyn Evans Potpourri Designs Private Shopping Party ($250 Value)
$55 Amazon Gift Card
$25 Gift Card to Frank Pepe
$25 Gift Card to Fleet Feet
$25 Gift Card
$25 Gift Card to Acapulco’s
$25 Gift Card to Grants, Bricco, or Bricco Trattoria
$30 to First and Last Tavern of Avon Connecticut
One Month Membership to Anytime Fitness in West Hartford, Connecticut
A certificate good for 10 pre-made cups of yogurt at TCBY
10-Class Card to West Hartford Yoga

Mental Preperation

Last night the DFMC team and myself had a special meeting to get us mentally prepared for April 21 (Boston Marathon). Psychologists from the Boston area spoke to us about the 4 F’s and that doing something for 21 days becomes a habit. The 4 F’s are Family, Friends, Faith, and Fitness and the three things that I have been doing for 21 days that have become my habit are running, working out, and keeping a food diary.

I will think about the 4 F’s when I reach the starting line in Hopkinton and during the race to help me persevere and provide me strength to get to the finish line. The 21 day habit has made me become accustom to being healthy, eating right, and reaching goals (weight loss and the highest amount of mileage I achieve while running).

Last night we also got the chance to hear Patrick Downes speak. Both he and his wife Jessica got injured at the Boston Marathon bombings. Both of these two people have perseverance and the strength to move forward even though physically they are different than before the marathon. They both have a great spirit and love fitness and each other (anyone who just looks at them can see this). Patrick announced that hopefully in April that they will both be doing the marathon on hand bikes (this shows their courage and perseverance to get back to fitness). I was inspired by Patrick’s speech by understanding the good in people and to always lend a hand if someone needs help. Here is their story and their message of thanks to the Boston community:

Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up

The title/quote of this blog post was all I was thinking about when I was the gym this week. For the past week, I have been in a walking boot because of heel pain. At the gym, I have been using the standardized bike and the rower. Since the start of my marathon training in September my personal trainer has been calling me a rock star. I have had two injures (achilles tendonitis and heel pain) and have been in two walking boots. During these experiences, I have never given up going to the gym three times a week or running during these injuries.

Yesterday, I went to Marathon Sports and I bought new running sneakers. These sneakers are going to be the sneakers I run the Boston Marathon in. They are so comfortable and I am able to fit my orthotics in them if I have to. Can’t wait to run 26.2 to beat cancer and to run for Kiera!


2014-02-15 19.30.052014-02-07 09.15.37IMG_4500

Spending Time with Kiera

Today I met Kiera (My Patient Partner) and her mom at the Longwood Galleria before she went in for Chemo and LP at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She was in good spirits. She was very excited to see me and she told me that she was wearing a Disney Princesses shirt and pink pants because I bought her the Cinderella crown and she feels like a Princess when she is around me. I was tearing up. She has made me such a strong and outgoing person and I have made her happy and outspoken (when she first met me she was very shy).

Her parents and I are going to try and pick a weekend for her family (including her little brother Tristan) and my husband Adam and I to spend the day together doing something fun! I look forward to it!

Here is a picture of Kiera and her brother Tristan loving Disney!2



Unfortunately, I have a one week setback in my training. My podiatrist placed me in a boot for one week because of overpronation.  I will be out of this boot on Thursday of next week and I can run again on Sunday, February 16th. What this means is on Saturday, February 15th I need to buy neutral running shoes because of heel striking and the shoes I am currently wearing do not help prevent overpronation.

Fortunately, I can still go to the gym and use the rower and the standardized bike. I plan on going to the gym tomorrow, Monday, and Wednesday, and do these exercises until I can get back to running on Sunday.

My patient partner Kiera and I both have our setbacks in our training or treatment  but we both will preserve and recover. I guess that is why we are a great pair.