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Boston Marathon 2014 - Jessica Sowalsky's Marathon Blog

Boston Magazine/Speed Workout/DFMC Team Meeting

Yesterday, I got sent an email asking if I would be interested in filling out a survey about the 2014 Boston Marathon. The survey is a part of a series of articles for the Boston Magazine Boston Marathon edition for this year. Hopefully, some of my responses will be in there!

Today at the gym, I did a speed workout on the treadmill for about an hour. Here is my work out:

1 mile warm up at 5.7 mph

Reset treadmill 2 minutes running at 6.7 mph

1 minute recovery at 5.7 mph

Repeat 15 more times

On the 5th time repeat move it to 6.8 mph

At the end of my speed workout, I ran 6.07 miles at a pace of 8:37. I have never been able to do such a low pace in my life. I will be doing a speed workout on the treadmill every Wednesday at the gym until the marathon. This workout will help my endurance.

Next week my speed workout will be:

1-5 times will be at 6.7 mph

6-10 times will be at 6.8 mph

11-15 times will be at 6.9 mph

16-20 times will be at 7.0 mph

Tonight I attended my second DFMC meeting. Before the meeting, I recorded  my “Why I Run” video. In the video I will be discussed who I am running the Boston Marathon for and where the money I am fundraising is going towards. This video will be a key part of my fundraising campaign for the marathon.

During, the meeting we will be discussing fundraising tips and upcoming events. I look forward to seeing everyone outside of a group run.

Coach/Group Run/Patient Partner

I got an email a little while back from a person on the DFMC team asking if I would be interested in using his coaching services to coach me for the marathon. The email entailed the information below:

I’m already very impressed with your fundraising and training efforts.  I take it this is your first marathon?

Anyway, I wanted to extend myself to you.  I assist Jack with the coaching of the DFMC team. This will be my sixth year on the team and I believe I am an accomplished marathoner.  I have successfully completed 26 marathons in 21 different states.  I am also a certified running coach with the RRCA.  I am in the midst of running a marathon in every state in my lifetime.

Anyway, I want to work with you on training and running this Boston Marathon. My philosophy is simple - keep runners healthy so they run the best possible race they are capable of on 4/21/14.

Why you – two reasons – enthusiasm and WANTING IT.  I can teach a lot about running but wanting to succeed comes from inside.  You have it!

Let me know if you are interested.

I said yes! I would be honored! I met with him this morning at the group run. We ran 16 miles together and he emailed me a training plan. During the run we talked about the Boston Marathon, techniques to boost my endurance, and diet tips.

This was my first time running 16 miles and it was enjoyable running with someone who has so much passion and knowledge for and about running.

Before the group run, I got presented with a couple of gifts and honors since I reached the $8,000 mark for my fundraising.  I received a pair of running gloves, a patch to wear on my singlet at the Boston Marathon, my name will be on the fundraising map for the DFMC team, and I will be recognized on Marathon weekend. I thought this was pretty awesome!

This afternoon, I got a chance to finally meet my patient partner, Kiera. She is 5 years old and has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I met her and her family at the Patient Partner meet up party at the Inn at Longwood in the hospital area of Boston. When I was in California last week, I picked her up a couple of gifts from Disneyland. Since, I know she likes Cinderella, I picked her up a beaded crown, a necklace, and an activity book all featuring Cinderella. We talked about school, her favorite color, and we played tag. I had a great time meeting her. I will see her on February 11th before she goes to the Jimmy Fund for treatment. I am looking forward to it!

IMG_4500 IMG_4511 IMG_4514

Longest Run to Date

For Martin Luther King, Jr weekend I am in San Diego with my husband since he is speaking at the AACR-Prostate Cancer Foundation Conference Advances in Prostate Cancer Research. This morning while he was at a meeting I ran 15.50 miles. It is the longest distance I have run to date. Crazy enough the only issue I had while I was running was rubbing in my shoes from my socks on my left foot and that’s it. Otherwise, no other issues. At the end of the run, I definitely felt like I could put more mileage in.

I look forward to running with my DFMC teammates next Saturday at the group run.

15 Miles/Patient Partner/Tonight

On Saturday, I ran 15 miles with the DFMC group. We ran from the Marathon Sports in Wellesley to Cleveland Circle and back. It was my first time running 15 miles since August and it felt amazing. 15 miles is the longest I have ever run.

Yesterday, I heard from my patient partner’s family by email. They confirmed with me that they will be at the meet up party on January 25th and look forward to meeting me. I can’t wait to meet the family and get to know the child that I am running for. This will be a wonderful experience by putting a smile on a child’s face knowing that someone cares about them outside their own family.

Tonight, I ran 5 miles in the pouring rain in Natick Center. I ran the fastest I have ever run with a 10:43 pace. If only I could keep this pace during the marathon I would finish in under 5 hours. My goal for the marathon is to finish in under 5 hours. Let’s hope!

Personal Training Session

Yesterday, I had my first personal training session of 2014 and the first personal training session since November. My personal trainer and I worked on fixing my running form, exercises to correct my posture while running, exercises to strengthen my ankles and knees, and added ab exercises. All of these exercises I will work on while I am at the gym, plus mobility exercises, and foam rolling.

I only hope that my pace and time will improve from doing these exercises.

West Hartford Run

Today, I ran 6 miles with my cousin Katie in West Hartford, CT in the 8 degree cold weather. DFMC cancelled the group run for tomorrow because of the snow storm that hit the northeast on Friday. Instead of being stuck in our house, my husband Adam and I came to Connecticut to visit Bubby so I had a chance to get a training run in while visiting her.

I wish I lived closer to Katie so we could run more often.