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Boston Marathon 2014 - Jessica Sowalsky's Marathon Blog

Six Miles/Patriots Game

This afternoon, I ran six miles in Wellesley on the same route I ran on Saturday.  I ran the route with one of the girls I ran with on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun and the weather was great!

The Patriots game yesterday was a ton of fun! I got to go to a tailgating party at the Dana-Farber Field house and had a ton of great food. Afterwards, my seat was on the 50-yard line in the middle section of the upper deck so I had a great view of the field. It was raining and cold for most of the game but I had a blast! I thank DFMC and my donors for this amazing opportunity!

Thank You Donors For This Wonderful Opportunity

Today I am headed to the New England Patriots versus Buffalo Bills game and to the DFMC tailgating party at the Dana Farber Field House! I won these tickets from being the person with the most amount of donors on the 600 person team!

Thank you to everyone who has donated since December 5, 2013:

Melanie and Keith Parker

Daniel and Holly Fionte

Joseph Ciampa

Kory and David Bluestein

Maura and Bob Baker

Shirley Brody

Shelia Bluestein

Nancy Weinstein

Yayoi Kimura

Rena and Shalom Kieval

Steve and Amy Uliss

Gerre Spriggs

Claire and David Shaby

Alistair Weida

Will Igoe

Emily Lebar

Rhonda and Daniel Casper

Lynn and Steve Bowen

Getting my “miles” in

Today I ran miles 14 to 18 of the Boston Marathon route with a few DFMC girls. We ran a total of ten miles. It is great getting use to the route and becoming familiar with the scenery I will be seeing on race day. Looking forward to running more “miles” on the Boston Marathon route before race day in the future.

Here is an interactive map of the Boston Marathon Route:

Since April 2013, I have run already miles 7 – 22 of the Boston Marathon route.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

This morning I ran 6.2 miles on the same route I ran on Saturday with a DFMC teammate. It was 16 degrees out but with the wind chill it felt like it was 5 degrees. This weekend I am going to a lot of events related to DFMC. On Saturday morning, I am running 8-10 miles with a group of girls from the DFMC team in Wellesley Square. On Sunday, I am going to the Patriot’s versus Bull’s game. I won these tickets from DFMC for being the person with the most number of donors. I will be meeting up with another teammate at the game. I am looking forward to these events.  Can’t wait to write about these events in my upcoming blog post.

First DFMC Official Group Run

On Saturday, I met the DFMC group in Lexington for a ten mile run from Lexington to Arlington and back. We met at the Greater Boston Running Company and ran the Minuteman Bikeway. I had a great experience meeting new people and while doing my favorite thing – running.  I learned some tips from the veterans on the team such as eating food such as GU Chomps every mile on a long distance run and learning to take the time to drink liquids to replenish your body with fluids.

I am looking forward to my next team run.

First DFMC Thursday Night Run

Every Thursday night until April, DFMC has a 4-8 mile run. A group of us meets up at the Arc on Beacon Street in Boston and run. Last night we ran from the Arc to Cleveland Circle and back. I met a ton of new people and everyone was very friendly. Starting in January we take the train from the Arc to Woodland Station and run along Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. I have been loving this DFMC experience so far it is only going to just get better.

2014 DFMC Patient Partner Program

Congratulations—you have been accepted into the 2014 DFMC Patient Partner Program! Thank you for your thoughtful and enthusiastic application. It was so great to read all of your stories, and I hope that your DFMC season will be enriched by this experience. It is a wonderful and inspirational component of DFMC, and one that I am so excited to welcome you to this season.

I will find out sometime soon who my partner is! I will keep everyone posted once I found out!

A little bit about the program:

The Patient Partner Program

The DFMC Patient Partner Program pairs DFMC runners with children currently or previously treated at Dana-Farber’s world-renowned Jimmy Fund Clinic. It gives runners an opportunity to get to know their partner and to better understand the affects that cancer has on patients and their families. Patient partners range in age from about five years old to their late teens, and all of them have a special story to share.