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Mental Preperation

Last night the DFMC team and myself had a special meeting to get us mentally prepared for April 21 (Boston Marathon). Psychologists from the Boston area spoke to us about the 4 F’s and that doing something for 21 days becomes a habit. The 4 F’s are Family, Friends, Faith, and Fitness and the three things that I have been doing for 21 days that have become my habit are running, working out, and keeping a food diary.

I will think about the 4 F’s when I reach the starting line in Hopkinton and during the race to help me persevere and provide me strength to get to the finish line. The 21 day habit has made me become accustom to being healthy, eating right, and reaching goals (weight loss and the highest amount of mileage I achieve while running).

Last night we also got the chance to hear Patrick Downes speak. Both he and his wife Jessica got injured at the Boston Marathon bombings. Both of these two people have perseverance and the strength to move forward even though physically they are different than before the marathon. They both have a great spirit and love fitness and each other (anyone who just looks at them can see this). Patrick announced that hopefully in April that they will both be doing the marathon on hand bikes (this shows their courage and perseverance to get back to fitness). I was inspired by Patrick’s speech by understanding the good in people and to always lend a hand if someone needs help. Here is their story and their message of thanks to the Boston community:

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