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Boston Marathon 2014 - Jessica Sowalsky's Marathon Blog


Unfortunately, I have a one week setback in my training. My podiatrist placed me in a boot for one week because of overpronation.  I will be out of this boot on Thursday of next week and I can run again on Sunday, February 16th. What this means is on Saturday, February 15th I need to buy neutral running shoes because of heel striking and the shoes I am currently wearing do not help prevent overpronation.

Fortunately, I can still go to the gym and use the rower and the standardized bike. I plan on going to the gym tomorrow, Monday, and Wednesday, and do these exercises until I can get back to running on Sunday.

My patient partner Kiera and I both have our setbacks in our training or treatment  but we both will preserve and recover. I guess that is why we are a great pair.

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