My Interests

My principal interests are in television production, website design, and human-computer interaction.

When I was a junior at Andover High School I took two courses called Introduction to Television Production and Advanced Television Production. As part of the assignments in these classes, I learned several fundamentals about TV production, including how be a part of a television crew and the basic functions of the crew: camera operator, technical director, graphics operator, audio technician, talent, floor manager, and video editor. It was during this time that I learned how to use a television studio camera properly, edit and shoot footage with a hand held camera and microphone, and produce my own projects.

Ever since taking these two courses, I honed these production skills while working for ESPN, CBS Sports, Boston Neighborhood Network, and Lowell Spinners Baseball (as well as several other organizations).

Not willing to settle for just one form of communication, I was inspired to obtain an advanced degree in Interactive Communications in graduate school. From this additional schooling stems my passion for human-computer interaction (HCI) and website design. Specifically, HCI-derived aspects of web design highlight the importance of the World Wide Web Consortium, Web Usability, Web Accessibility, and Visual Aesthetics, all of which I feature in the classes I teach. How these topics relate to the way in which a person uses the Internet is of critical importance for any interactive computer element, including websites.

As it pertains to website design, web usability, and human-computer interaction, my three favorite gurus on these topics are: Donald Norman, Steve Krug, and Jakob Nielson. These authors have been tremendously influential and inspiring for developing my own take on HCI. These books have highlighted the importance of these topics and I highly-recommend them if you have any interest in HCI or website design.

Suggested Reading:

  1. The Design of Everyday Things written by Donald Norman
  2. Don't Make Me Think! written by Steve Krug
  3. Prioritizing Web Usability written by Jakob Nielson and Hoa Loranger


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