5 days to go…

This morning I went to the gym and then did a half an hour on the arc trainer. I did this because I want to keep my legs loose. Also, this morning I have a physical therapy appointment and my therapist will be stretching my feet, toes, and legs out for the big day. Only 5 days to go!

What does it take to run the Boston Marathon?

The basics:

The basics of the course are pretty well known. 26.2 miles. One of the world’s oldest annual marathons. Part of the yearly Patriots’ Day celebration in Boston, which draws as many as 500,000 spectators each year.

The course ends in the heart of Boston, but encompasses a number of small cities and towns outside Boston proper such as Natick, Newton, Framingham, and Brookline.

The route:

The route itself can be particularly deceptive. It starts with a long stretch of downhill running, which can lull a runner into a sense of complacency—you know, as much as marathoners can be complacent about anything—or entice them to run faster than they should.

Heartbreak Hill:

One of the Boston Marathon’s signature challenges is the final of the four Newton hills. Heartbreak Hill gets its name in part from the fact that it’s situated near the end of the marathon’s 20th mile, just when runners are hitting the proverbial wall.

From there, the course wends into way into Boston. Marathoners are greeted for their final mile by Boston Red Sox fans who walk/stagger from a home game at Fenway Park that is scheduled for the late morning each year on Patriots’ Day.

The marathon finishes with a stretch down Boylston Street and ends, with great ceremony, just short of Copley Square near the Boston Public Library.

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