Summer Nights

No, I am not talking about the song from Grease. When I was in Middle School until High School I went to a camp called Camp Tel Noar in Hampstead, New Hampshire. I was a camper, then a counselor in training, and then I became a junior counselor before I went on to a real world job.

During my time at camp, every day after we eat a meal we said the Birkat Hamazon (the grace after meals) as a whole camp in the cafeteria. It is a prayer you sing after you eat a meal. It especially said on Shabbat.

Well, for our wedding we ordered Benchers which are booklets that people use to read prayers during holidays and special occasions. At our wedding, we will be singing a special wedding version of the Birkat Hamazon that includes the Sheva Berachot (7 blessings) and we will be giving out benchers for people to read, follow, and sing along.

I cannot wait to relive the moments of camp at our wedding with a ton of shira (songs/singing), and sameach (happiness/smiles).

Here is an example of my life at camp singing the Birkat Hamazon:

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