Daf Yomi

The date is March 2, 2005 and I am in my first year of graduate school. That same day, the Daf Yomi cycle, a 7-1/2 year project to read the entire Talmud one page at a time, began, and I embarked on the most massive project I had ever taken upon myself. A project of commitment, determination and perseverance.

Today, May 22, 2012, I just read the last chapter of second-to-last tractate (book) of the Talmud, and I will start the final book of the Talmud tomorrow. After Jessica and I set our wedding date last year I determined that I would be concluding my Daf Yomi study a couple weeks before our wedding, on August 2.

Back in 2005 I wondered where I would be when the cycle was concluded. Would I have a job? Where would I be living? Would I be married? As I get closer to August 2, all of those questions are now answered.

In many ways, marriage is like Daf Yomi. It is something that will part of my life every day. And keeping up with marriage, just like Daf Yomi, will take commitment, determination and even perseverance. I guess it’s a good thing I have been practicing for August 19 ever since 2005!

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