Four Weddings and its Funeral

Quite often, Jessica and I post about things we are having at our wedding. This post is about something that won’t be.

Last week, Jessica received a call from a producer from Semisweet Productions, which films the TLC Series Four Weddings. For those of you that don’t know, this is a show that pits four brides against each other to judge each other’s weddings. They critique food, atmosphere, and overall experience. Even better, they are followed around by a film crew and have to attend each other’s weddings.

This summer, TLC wanted to “cast” brides to be in the Boston edition of their show. Jessica was contacted by a producer and our wedding was selected by Semisweet as one they wanted to film at. However, close to a hundred pages of disclosures and releases needed to be signed first. So, if the judging criteria and thought of a production crew at our wedding wasn’t appealing enough, we also had to agree to the following terms (this list is not all-inclusive):

  • Once signed we were obligated to appear irrespective of the opinions and requirements of our in-laws, family, friends and officiant
  • We had to agree that the cameras following us around would be an invasion of our privacy
  • If production wanted, they could disrupt the ceremony to get their cameras into a better position and we could not protest
  • If any action on our part disrupted their ability to collect advertising revenue from the completed production, we had to agree to pay production $1,000,000
  • We are contestants, not cast members, so there is no guaranteed compensation

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? As the children of lawyers, we were smart enough to realize they don’t expect their contestants to actually read these documents. Needless to say, that was the death of Four Weddings and this blog post is its funeral. However, Jess is quite excited to see what suckers from Boston actually went through with it!

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