Dates and Numbers

April 26, 2009. A date. Our first date. Three years ago yesterday.
April 14, 2011. Another important date. One year and two weeks ago.

In April, Jessica and I celebrate two anniversaries. One is the anniversary of the day we met and the other is the anniversary of the day we get engaged. It is remarkable how important those dates are now and yet by this time next year we’ll be celebrating a third date as an anniversary: August 19.

Our lack of posts lately does not indicate anything slowing down; in fact planning is as busy now as it has ever been. With 114 days until our wedding, our focus now is making appointments with our vendors for catering, music, and dancing lessons, while at the same time finalizing our guest lists and sending out invitations over the few weeks. This weekend we will be deciding on the style of tuxedos for the men to wear.

Winter was essentially our “calm before the storm.” Spring is here, summer is around the corner and planning is in full swing. 114 days is going to go by in a heartbeat.

And August 19 will soon be here.

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