12 days to go…

Today I went to the gym and did 10.4 miles on the arc trainer. This took me two hours to accomplish. After the gym, I went to physical therapy and Chris stretched my legs out and messaged both of my feet and achilies tendon. Since I started going to physical therapy my arthritis has been under control and its been wonderful. I realized the only thing that causes the arthritis to flare up on the tops of my feet is barometric pressure and rain. I hope for a clear and sunny day on race day!

I am at 12 days to go until race day! Training wise I did 10.4 miles on Monday and 10.4 miles today. What this means for the rest of the week is on Friday I will do less mileage since I am running on Saturday at the last group run of the season. I plan on running 7.8 miles on Friday on the arc trainer then at the group run since the course is hilly I will do three easy miles. This will bring me to a total of 31.6 miles for the week. The maximum amount of mileage for the week on our training plan is 31 miles. This means I am in good shape. Next week I plan on doing less mileage since its race week and I have the 5K race on Saturday before the marathon.

Here is more information about tapering:

During week two of your taper, you’ll reduce your mileage an additional 20 to 25 percent, which gives you plenty of free time to fret. Some runners tend to doubt their ability to finish their goal race during this time period but looking back at your training log can give you confidence in how far you’ve come in your training.

Reduce each of your weekly runs by an additional 20 to 25 percent. Run everything easy. If you’re targeting a time goal, do the following key workout during one of your longer midweek runs. Warm up for 10 to 15 minutes, then run one mile at 30 seconds faster than marathon race pace, followed by one mile at 30 seconds slower than race pace. Repeat two to four times. Rest two days.

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