Boston Marathon 2014

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Boston Marathon 2014 - Jessica Sowalsky's Marathon Blog

I am going to be on TV!!!!

I am so excited to share this news!!!!

Please read below:

Hello Jessica,

We wanted to thank you so much for sharing your story in WBZ’s My Marathon campaign. There are so many inspirational and engaging stories and we want to share them with the world. On Thursday April 10, from 8am-8pm, we would like to invite you to come to our studio so we can record your Marathon story. We would like to use a collection of runner stories in our broadcast on Marathon Monday during the official broadcast of the race. Think of these as your own Olympic-style profile!                                                                                       

If you are interested in being a part of our production, please RSVP to me and let me know what time you would be able to come.

Ultimately we are looking for a quick summary of why you are running, who has inspired you and what this Boston Marathon means to you. If you are running with a team and want to come as a group that is great. If you have any pictures or video to share we can use that as well. It should only take 10-15 minutes of your time.

Thank you for participation and good luck as your big day is almost here. As the official Boston Marathon station, we’re proud to be able to share your story and see you cross the finish line. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Stay Boston Strong,

What:    My Marathon Stories

When: Thursday, April 10 from 8am – 8pm

Where: WBZ Studios, 1170 Soldiers Field Road, Boston, MA

Why:      Because we’re proud of you!


7 Miles

Today I ran 7 miles from Natick to Framingham and back like I did last week. My time was 5 minutes faster than last week. Today is going to be a heat wave – 54 degrees out! The weather was gorgeous out!

I will head to the gym on Friday and do TRX, the arc trainer, and stretches. On Saturday, I am going to be running from Hopkinton to Newton with a couple of girls from my team (16 miles). I posted a post on the DFMC internal message board asking if anyone was interested in running with me and they responded by email. I look forward to meeting these three women.


Last night’s meeting was wonderful. We talked about the logistics about getting to the starting line in Hopkinton starting at 5:15 in the morning, that we can leave our gear check bag at the Marriot Copley hotel and not have to deal with the rest of the runners who are leaving their bags at the Boston Common, and we got good advice from our coach about training and how we should train for the next three weeks.

I met a ton of new people at this meeting that I have never met before and I had a great time sharing running experiences with other teammates. We are only 20 days away from the big day!

Last Meeting

Tonight is the last meeting for DFMC until the marathon. We are discussing the rules and regulations for the year’s marathon, timing on when we need to be at Hopkinton, and party details (pasta party and after the marathon party).

The meeting is expecting to have at least 250 people out of the 750 people on the team! It will be a blast!

I don’t know about you…but I’m feeling 22

I ran 22 miles today with the DFMC team from Boston College to Natick and back. It was a wonderful experience. There were thousands of runners out of the course today and volunteers were screaming and cheering for us.

Now, it is taper time…only 22 days away until the big show!

I am going to run on Wednesday and go from there.

Watch this video about today’s run:

Run Run Run

This Friday, I am headed to my physical therapist for a message before my long 18 mile run on Saturday! It will be my longest run to date! The DFMC team and myself will be running from Boston College to Wellesley and back.

Today marks exactly 25 days until the Boston Marathon! Myself and over 700 people on the DFMC team have trained long and hard through these winter months for this special race by being #BostonStrong! Please watch the video below to see how all of the runners who are training for the #BostonMarathon are running together (#weruntogether)! Please visit my fundraising page at and help my team reach the ultimate finish line by putting an end to cancer!


14 Miles/Paint Nite/Personal Training Session

On Saturday, I ran 14 miles with the DFMC team. The weather was beautiful accept for it being cold otherwise it was a great run. I plan on running 18 miles this weekend from Boston College to Wellesley and back. It will be one of my longest runs yet but it will be amazing!

On Saturday night, I had a Paint Nite Fundraiser at the Wood-N-Tap in Hartford, CT. I fundraised over $1,000 for Dana-Farber. The event was sold out and everyone won a ton of prizes at the raffle. It was great time!

Today, I had a personal training session with my personal trainer who I have been working with since 2011. She gave me some core and strengthening exercises to  help me stand up straight and run faster for the marathon. I will be seeing her again in May.



One Month To Go/Paint Nite

Today is exactly one month until the Boston Marathon!

The Boston Marathon banners are up and spring is here!

I am excited, nervous, and happy to be apart of this amazing marathon team and to reach the milestone of completing my first marathon!

I thank all of my supporters, friends, family, and work friends who have helped with my fundraising thus far!

Tomorrow, I am hosting a Paint Nite fundraiser in Hartford, CT and this fundraiser will put me over $11,000 towards my $13,000 goal! Thank you everyone for your support thus far!

Physical Therapy

I went to physical therapy this morning and I had no pain at all whatsoever. The therapist messaged my leg and foot muscles on my left leg and I performed the stretches he wanted me to do. Tomorrow I am going to go for a run…not sure how long yet since it depends on timing since I am running before work at 11 AM.

This Saturday, I will run 10-14 miles with the DFMC team in Newton at the Greater Boston Running Company. This Friday, it is exactly 1 month away from the marathon! I am getting really excited!